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You won't ever meet anyone like Micah.  Some may say that's a good thing, because then you probably wouldn't appreciate him as much.  One thing's for sure, when you do meet him, you won't forget him because he is a lot like his music: unique, interesting, and charming. Not born into the music business, stardom, or even a place with much opportunity, each step toward becoming a full-time musician has been an important one for him.  Sometimes an on-again, off-again hobby, due to life's circumstances, music is the one thing Micah has always come back to.  Making music is just as much a part of him as breathing and he has attributed it to giving him a reason to live on more than one occasion.

Where did Micah begin?

Micah is called a country artist by some, but it's hard to put a label on this young man.  While some even call it roots or heartland rock you'll likely hear a mix of country, blues, americana and folk in this music.  Maybe a new genre is in order. 

Born and raised in Chester, SC., Micah came from humble beginnings in a small town where church and socializing was the main way of life.  The type of lifestyle where people didn't have much to keep them entertained, which is probably the type of place where streaking or cow tipping was invented.  Luckily for everyone and the cows, Micah eventually found other outlets, such as writing songs and playing music.  As a boy, his gift of storytelling was recognized and encouraged by his grandmother who would listen to his long, detailed stories fueled by his imagination. When Micah got into his teen years, he learned to play the drums and the guitar and eventually started writing lyrics to go along with the melodies he and his dad would write.  At first, his lyrics were so mature and impressive for his age, people actually doubted these songs were coming from a kid.  Especially this kid.... shy, unwordly, inexperienced.  It was hard to believe, but there is no doubt 11 years later, those were his lyrics.  Along with the other dozens of great songs he has written, it's easy to see, some people are just born with it. 

What's Micah been doing?

An opportunity once took him to Nashville and he learned what he wanted and didn't want out of his music career.  It was a great experience, but felt the timing wasn't right, and packed up and took that knowledge home with him.  He continued performing solo and with bands, writing ,and entering music contests, winning first place in the local Colgate Country Showdown for singer/songwriter.  Getting the audience's positive response at his shows, along with the victories he had started giving him the confidence to do what some were afraid to do.  Playing music is what he loved to do, it's what he was good at, and he was going to do it at any level he could.  

Micah relocated from South Carolina to Columbus, Ohio and continues performing his music nearly each weekend.  He is finalizing his first CD "Revival" which is due for release March 2014 with the Tate Music Group label. 

  Micah's growing success is much deserved and earned, if he's not performing, you can usually find him out supporting other independent musicians working hard to chase their dreams.

What's Micah doing now?

Micah formed a group called Grapefruit Moon in January 2014.  Along with his drummer, Ben Premer and his wife, Andi Lathrop, they perform all round the Ohio area a variety of music.  Sometimes as an opening act for some great bands, sometimes headlining.  No matter what or where, they have a blast and want the audience to do the same.  Make sure to keep up with Micah on his Facebook page, as well as Grapefruit Moon.  Check him out at his gigs, and support your local musicians.  It will be very cool when you can say one day, "I saw them when......" 

Recently, Micah just signed a contract with Tate Music Group which will be distributing and promoting his music.  After we submitted his song Whiskey & Time to them, they offered Micah the deal and this review:
 "Nice vocals and good tone.  Lyrically strong with a strong country sound.  Good instrumentation.  Great potential.  Well done."This should be taking effect shortly and we are very excited.  We will keep you posted!

What does Micah do when he's not working on music?

When Micah isn't making his friends and family laugh uncontrollably with his quirky self, he does work a "real" job.  Other than that you can usually find him at the used CD stores quite a bit, buying the Eagle's Greatest Hits (again)... or Jackson Browne, Tom Waits, Rich Mullins, etc, etc.  Musicians most people his age don't have an interest in.  And if he has the time, he loves going to the movies, possibly staying for two of them.  Other times, he will be cheering on his kids at their baseball or football game or watching some sort of band biography or UFC fight on TV.  He's a man of many interests, and there's never a dull moment with him - but music is where his heart is and the more CDs he sells, the more he can buy for himself, so make sure you get yourself one when they are out!


 Micah Lathrop


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Micah Lathrop

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